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Hopewell is eastern Ontario’s only eating disorder support centre. We are a not-for-profit registered charitable organization created in 1999 by three Ottawa mothers who were driven by a common goal to help their daughters overcome their battles with anorexia.

Recognized by the professional community, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Hospital, Hopewell has become a centre of excellence, providing information and support to those affected by eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia or binge eating).

We offer knowledge, support and hope to people dealing with the realities of these serious and potentially fatal illnesses. We also promote the prevention of eating disorders by helping youth understand the importance of healthy attitudes towards body image, eating and physical activity. Our preventative programs reinforce healthy self-esteem and positive body image, and teach media literacy skills and ways to cope with anxiety and stress.

Currently, eating disorders are the most common chronic illness in the female adolescent population. More than that, nearly one in five young women suffering from a serious eating disorder does not survive.

Our programs and services include resource listings, telephone, office and email support, mentoring programs, support groups for individuals and families, expressive art groups, outreach presentations, and workshops for individuals and professionals.

The information that Hopewell provides is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychological care. For help with the physical and emotional problems associated with eating disorders, consult your personal physician and a competent mental health professional.

In 2010, Hopewell was the proud recipient of the CHEO Let’s Keep Kids out of Hospital Award in the mental health category, and also of the Canadian Mental Health Association Mental Health Service Award.

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"This self-help group has been a really important step in my recovery.”

“This binge eating group helps me save a small piece of me every week and it’s offering me the opportunity to feel safe and loved.”

“I had wanted support in a group setting for many years, and finally got it. I hope this support community continues to grow and touch others lives like it did mine.”