Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018

Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW) is celebrated across Canada every year from February 1-7. This week provides organizations like Hopewell the opportunity to shine the spotlight on eating disorders, and reduce some of the misunderstanding and stigma attached to these deadly diseases.

This outreach is important because eating disorders are the most fatal of all mental health diagnoses, taking the lives of as many Canadians annually as melanoma. An individual with Anorexia Nervosa has a one in five chance of dying from the disease – either from the physical ravages to their body, or by suicide as they have lost hope of ever recovering. Despite these alarming statistics, understanding and awareness are low, and stigma is still prevalent that these diseases are a choice, or because of vanity.

Nationally, the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) is promoting the message in 2018 that “One Size Does NOT Fit All,” reflecting that eating disorders can and do affect individuals of all genders, ages, races and ethnic identities, sexual orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds. More information on cross-Canada efforts can be found on NEDIC’s website, and by following the hashtags #EDAW2018 and #7billionsizes.

Locally, Hopewell staff and volunteers will be fanning out across the city to speak with schools, elected officials and the media about eating disorders, undertaking vital education and advocacy in honour of those who suffer. As importantly, Hopewell will place an emphasis on delivering presentations to local youth on media literacy, positive self-esteem and healthy body image, to try to prevent these deadly illnesses from developing in the first place.

Please take a look at our calendar of events below, and we invite you to join us for the public events as noted by an asterix *!

DateEvent Information
Thursday, February 1Official launch of Hopewell charity smoothie at Pure Kitchen
Presentation of official proclamation of EDAW by Mayor Jim Watson *
340 Elgin Street
12:15 pm

Information booth at Algonquin College *
11:00 am-1:00 pm
Student Commons, E building
Friday, February 2Hopewell Fundraiser Yoga class at Rama Lotus *
7:30-8:45 pm
$15 cash donation to Hopewell
Saturday, February 3
Sunday, February 4Hopewell profile on Rogers TV “Celebrate Ottawa”
7:30 pm
Monday, February 5Information booth at University of Ottawa *
11:00 am-1:30 pm
UCU 203

Information booth at Ashbury College
11:00 am-1:00 pm
Tuesday, February 6Reception for MPs and Senators on Parliament Hill, in partnership with the National Initiative on Eating Disorders (NIED)

Information booth at Carleton University *
2:30 pm-4:00 pm
Residence Commons
Wednesday, February 7Presentation to local medical students on eating disorders

Hopewell also encourages everyone to patronize the following businesses, who have generously offered to support our organization and EDAW 2018.

Pure Kitchen

Enjoy the Hopewell signature smoothie at the Elgin or Westboro location at any time throughout the month of February, and Pure Kitchen will donate $1 for every smoothie sold back to Hopewell. Hopewell’s delicious concoction is a Mexican chocolate-inspired blend of chocolate almond milk, bananas, cinnamon, dates and raw cacao…with a pinch of cayenne to warm you up throughout Ottawa’s frigid February!


Thank You India

Thank You India and Hopewell are promoting butterfly bracelets and necklaces throughout Eating Disorder Awareness Week. These signature pieces were created by Tazim Lal to reflect metamorphosis – the transformation of a living organism into something completely different; a metaphor for the transformation from sickness to health, and from eating disordered to recovery. They are available for $25 and $30, respectively, and Thank You India will donate the entire proceeds from every item sold back to Hopewell. You can visit the website here, and enjoy free shipping of your purchases!

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