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I want to thank Hopewell for matching me with my mentor. She is a solid rock I know I have in my corner through the ups and downs of my recovery. She encourages me and gives me hope of one day being free from the ties that bind me to this pain. No matter what the circumstances she is available to encourage and support me. She sees the value I have to offer even when I can’t and guides me through difficult times through accountability. She has become not only my mentor but my friend as well. Thank you again for arranging us to be paired together. 

– Hopewell mentee

Bridging the Gap Mentoring Program

Bridging the Gap is a mentoring program designed to help support people struggling with an eating disorder who are transitioning from eating disorder therapy/treatment back into their daily lives. The program involves the mentor and mentee getting together on a biweekly basis over a six-month period.

To offer those who are struggling with an eating disorder the opportunity to be heard and supported by someone who is a role model and friend. The program’s goal is to support recovery by bridging the gap between being in therapy and/or treatment and the reality of daily living.


1) Pair individuals with mentors who know what it’s like to live with an eating disorder

2) Provide individuals with a safe place (e.g., fun outings and activities) to explore who they are outside of their eating disorder

3) Eliminate some of the stress associated with relationships and school/work by shifting individual’s focus to the things in their life that are going well.

*Please note mentees must be aged 13 or older.

Hope Talk Mentoring Program

We are currently in the process of expanding our mentoring programs to include mentoring opportunities via phone and email, as well as providing mentors to family and friends. Please stay tuned for future information about this.



For further information on these programs, please contact Hopewell at 613-241-3428 or e-mail

To learn about volunteering for any of our mentoring programs, please go to our Volunteer page for more information.

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"This self-help group has been a really important step in my recovery.”

“This binge eating group helps me save a small piece of me every week and it’s offering me the opportunity to feel safe and loved.”

“I had wanted support in a group setting for many years, and finally got it. I hope this support community continues to grow and touch others lives like it did mine.”