Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission

Hopewell supports individuals struggling with an eating disorder as well as their families and friends. We are dedicated to:

  • offering support, information and hope to anyone affected by eating disorders
  • promoting prevention by helping people understand eating disorders and the importance of healthy attitudes towards body image, eating and physical activity

Our vision

Hopewell is committed to:

  • creating a sustainable resource centre that offers accessible and helpful support and information services from early intervention through to recovery, to anyone affected by eating disorders
  • supporting the prevention of eating disorders by promoting healthy lifestyle, positive body image and self esteem

Our values


  • Celebrates and promotes acceptance of natural shapes and sizes
  • Respects all individuals, no matter their size, and encourages healthy living
  • Believes that everyone should have access to compassionate support and resources in dealing with mental health issues
  • Values empowerment of individuals so that they have the skills and information needed to make informed choices about their treatment
  • Believes that everyone who is affected by an eating disorder should know that recovery is possible, and that families with the right support are an important resource for recovery

Why is there a butterfly in our logo?

The butterfly in our logo represents transformation and rebirth. The idea of metamorphosis—the radical transformation of the same living organism from one physical appearance into something completely different—is a helpful metaphor for the transformation of sickness to health, from Eating Disordered to Recovery


The Butterfly Story

A man watched a butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through a little hole in its cocoon. Hoping to help, he took his pocketknife and carefully cut away the cocoon to set the butterfly free. Dismayed, he watched the butterfly’s movements gradually slow down until it lay motionless. An entomologist later explained to him that a butterfly needs that struggle to develop the strength to fly and survive. By robbing it of this struggle, it was made too weak to live. —Author unknown

Blog, News & Events



"This self-help group has been a really important step in my recovery.”

“This binge eating group helps me save a small piece of me every week and it’s offering me the opportunity to feel safe and loved.”

“I had wanted support in a group setting for many years, and finally got it. I hope this support community continues to grow and touch others lives like it did mine.”