Resource Library

Hopewell’s Resource Library is filled with books on eating disorders, body image, self-esteem and much more!

The library can be accessed Monday-Friday from 9am – 3pm, however please call ahead to book an appointment. Books may be borrowed for a period of two weeks and we request a $20 deposit/book (returned to you upon return of the book).

We are always adding new books to our library. If you have a suggestion of a good book or have a book that you would like to donate, please email us at


Below is a list of some of the most recent additions to our library:

The Parent’s Guide to Eating Disorders (Smith, 2011)

Goodbye ed, hello me (Schaefer, 2009)

Good Girls Don’t Get Fat (Silverman, 2010)

Binge No More: Your Guide to Overcoming Disordered Eating (Nash, 1999)

What’s eating you? (Nelson, 2008)

Love Your Body: Change the Way Your Feel About the Body You Have (Brannon-Quan & Licavoli, 2007)

The Body Image Workbook (Cash, 2008)

The Don’t Diet Live-It! Workbook (Wachter & Marcus, 1999)

“I’m, Like, So, Fat!” (Neumark-sztainer, 2005)

100 Questions & Answers About Eating Disorders (Costin, 2007)

My Kid is Back (Alexander & Le Grange, 2010)

Lying in Weight (Gura, 2007)


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"This self-help group has been a really important step in my recovery.”

“This binge eating group helps me save a small piece of me every week and it’s offering me the opportunity to feel safe and loved.”

“I had wanted support in a group setting for many years, and finally got it. I hope this support community continues to grow and touch others lives like it did mine.”